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"As a single dad, Michael changed how I viewed fatherhood and life. His guidance is something I deeply appreciate. He helped me grow as a dad and person, understanding my fears and hopes. Despite not seeing my kids, my counselor's tools made me a better, more connected father."

                 Tyrone Gavins 

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"Looking back at my journey of discovering myself and growing, I feel a strong need to express my deep thankfulness for the constant help and support I got from Mr Michael. In a world where facing addictions, feeling unsure about myself, and dealing with old emotional pain felt really tough, my counselor became a source of hope and played a key role in helping me change for the better."    


Danisha Rolland

I always looked forward to the occasions where we worked together. I respect his positive attitude and strong work ethic, as well as his dedication to learning which is inspiring.


      Dominic Provenzano

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